About us …

Brambleshire Farm is a place, idea, and realization of a dream, that has been in our hearts for quite some time now. Personally speaking, we long to get back to basics, to find joy in simplifying our lives, reducing the negative impact we have on our planet, being as “green” as possible, and to raise our own food to feed ourselves.

And while we love the thought of these things meeting needs in us as individuals and as a couple, we greatly desire to live beyond just caring for ourselves. It is our hope that we can raise food in abundance, to pass on to those in need.

Perhaps the vision will expand once we are further along … teaching others the joys of raising your own food, setting up our workshop to provide furniture and toys for those in need, etc.

We are incredibly blessed in our lives and all that we have and want to pass that on to others.

This vision will surely change and grow as we do.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure!



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