Hee Haw, Seedling Solidarity, and Forbidden Love

Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me …

Deep, dark depression, excessive misery!

Deena flew out yesterday for job training … THREE WEEKS worth. And while I completely support her in her new job, I miss her already. The house and the farm are no where near the same without her and these three weeks cannot pass by fast enough. I really am lost without her. But with the last frost date fast approaching, there is a Metric Ton (which is actually equal to 2204.62 pounds. I could have used just a regular Ton [2,000 pounds] but it doesn’t sound as cool) to be done around here.

Seeds of the world … unite!

Deena and I decided to start some of our seeds indoors, especially with the weather still crazy here in good Ole Colorado! Today will be almost 80 degrees, Wednesday in the mid-30s with a chance of snow … LOL!

So, Friday night we laid out and prepped our handy seed-tray-thingies (farm talk) and got some of our seeds started, albeit a little late in the season.


Tiny seeds … lettuce or onion … don’t ask …

Super Fancy Sowing Tool

Super Fancy Sowing Tool

We planted some tomatos (mostly heirlooms), onions (some heirlooms), lettuces, peppers, sweet basil, and celery. These seemed the best ones to start indoors. We have a lot more to direct sow in several weeks, once I get the garden completed …. or …. started as it were. Yeah, pics on that coming once I start that eye gouging adventure … should be pretty comical.


For the seed trays we used Jiffy Professional Greenhouse Kits with their peat soil plugs that puff up once you add a little warm water. Then just sow your seeds, label, and cover with the clear plastic lid. Next year we may make our own. A highly and skillfully modified artisan plastic fork, serves as a great tool for sowing the seeds.

Awww ... they are SO cute at this age!

Awww … they are SO cute at this age!


We have 5 trays of 36 pellets each. The lettuce is already sprouting and starting to punch through, so we have propped the lids open and soon those trays are destined for some early morning sunlight in a few days.

The tomatoes and peppers seem to want a bit warmer environment to get started, so I have those trays in our office, where our PCs put out more than enough heat to make that room fairly toasty.

We are using a small spray bottle to keep things from drying out.

And Finally … Tragic Love …

One of the neighbor’s horses, Corey, likes to come by for a visit and a rogue carrot now and then. Piper, our feisty and slightly mentally disturbed Chaweenie LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Corey. I mean … serious heartache, won’t stop texting, we-will-always-be-together-forever-because-if-you-ran-away-I-would-find-you LOVE. You know, the creepy kind. I really do try to let our children walk their own path and love them no matter what, but this is pushing it.


Yeah … busted!


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