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Second Thoughts, Well Aged Dirt, and Lobotomized Sharks …

What have I wrought? Anyone out there a second guess type person? Is that really a “type”of personality? Type SG Personality? I am afraid that second-guessing myself and my decisions is something that permeates my very existence on a daily, … Continue reading

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Paint and a Painting Disaster… And Keith’s Un-Birthday Cupcakes

We’ve still got SO many things to do on the farm before Winter. Lots of those chores are ones that I can’t really do by myself. Keith is TOTALLY the “Mr. Fix-it” around here. But…. If it’s not a bad … Continue reading

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Fresh, Fluffy Biscuits… and the “Heebee Jeebees”

After Keith worked SO hard finishing the floor on Saturday, I decided to slave away in the kitchen and make a “Farm Fresh Breakfast.” Okay, okay… I didn’t actually, SLAVE away. As much as I’d love to tell you that … Continue reading

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The Stairs of Cirith Ungol and Morning Rituals … 

Risky Business … Did you know that posting to your blog on the weekends almost guarantees that it won’t be read? It’s true … I read it on the Internet. Actually that is a lie, sorry. But it does seem … Continue reading

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Avalanche Days and Foodie Ways

Today I had planned to do nothing. We’re talking NOTHING. It was one of those days where you contemplate whether or not to change out of pajamas. One that, even though your hair makes you look like Einstein’s twin, you’re … Continue reading

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An Introduction, Crunchy Chicken, and My Sanity Outlet

Well, I made a decision today to begin sharing recipes, crafts, and other kinds of random things on our blog.   I am alone for most of every day… so it also gives me a chance to “talk” with others … Continue reading

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New Life at The Shire…

Birthday Trees … With the big 42 fast approaching me, like a run away train from the depths of hell, heralding that yet another year has passed me by and the grey hairs I am seeing in the mirror are … Continue reading

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Crisp morning …

We got a small cold front yesterday that brought our temps down about 20 degrees! LOVE IT!! I am a Fall and Winter person, and I am very excited about the weather changing. We are headed over to the old … Continue reading

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Blissful Life on the Farm… or… The High Price of Farming

Well, I thought I’d drop in and leave a post since Keith has made the lion’s share of them so far. So, let me first say that we are enjoying many aspects of living on the farm. As we look … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as progress?

Progress? I am rethinking the word “progress”. Often times, I break things down into tasks, with specific deliverables, timetables, and measure my progress. Example: Building our trailer … from procuring the trailer frame, to getting the wood for the walls … Continue reading

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