New Life at The Shire…

Birthday Trees …

With the big 42 fast approaching me, like a run away train from the depths of hell, heralding that yet another year has passed me by and the grey hairs I am seeing in the mirror are indeed “grey hairs” and not paint from the renovation … Deena and I have decided that for birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Talk Like a Pirate Day, etc … we would plant a tree on the farm! Today, we planted two Blue Spruce trees in honor of Deena’s birthday, last June, and my birthday, which is fast approaching like a Capuchin Monkey on Crack, lost on the mean streets of some big seedy town, looking for his next hit, working for some guy with a cheesy mustache and organ grinder, sporting dark green lederhosen, which are entirely too tight to contain his substantial girth, only getting 5%:95% split on earnings! I mean, what the hell happened to equal pay for equal work??

Anyways … we got the trees planted and the small back yard that we have fenced off for the pups is starting to look less like Death Valley and more like the lush, green arboreal forests of northern Canada, where the stars wink gayly at you from the heavens and the Northern Lights paint the sky with their kaleidoscope of wonderment and awe.

Pause for cuteness and a contented sigh … … Oh! And world peace. …

I am starting to notice, that as I approach the, what shall now be known as, The Date That Shall Not Be Named, I seem to wander off on more and more bunny trails. <insert the clever anecdote that demonstrates me getting on yet another bunny trail, like above, but I am too lazy to author right now.>

The Grass Is Greener …

One of the harder things we have struggled with in moving to the farm is the loss of the back yard that the pups frolicked in every day. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss mowing all that grass and trying to keep the lawn more immaculate than the neighbor’s, all the while desperately trying to avoid getting a demerit from the HOA (also known as The Nosey Neurotic People That Have Nothing Better To Do With Their Lives Than To Stake Out My House And Measure My Lawn To Ensure It Does Not Exceed The Required Maximum Height). However, I have definitely struggled with watching the pups gingerly tip toe around the thorny brush in the back yard. And even once Deena and I cleared all the brush out, we just felt terrible with the babies running around in the dust, etc. So, we decided to buy a little sod, to get the back yard started and give the pups a bit of an oasis to enjoy! They took to the greenery right away, it was pretty wonderful to watch!

And the Obligatory Pics of the Day …

Look at that 41 year old back work! W00T!!

Look how gorgeous my wife is! She makes shovelin’ dirt look good!

Deena Spruce Bustin’ … she took this little guy down in a respectable 2.37 seconds! Awesome job love!

One of our little guys getting a drink. Isn’t he cute? 🙂

Here is Gus relaxing on the grass, pretending not to be super excited by the new greenery.

What is with this dog? Ever time we see her she has her face in the ground! Weird, weird dog.

And that’s the show folks! I am going to put my feet up, ice my back, put on my reading glasses, a blanket in my lap and enjoy a smooth, delicious Ensure Nutrition Shake … it is #1 doctor recommended and is packed with 24 essential vitamins and minerals … it really is a delicious between meal snack that helps this old boy meet his daily nutritional needs.

Wishing everyone a great remainder of your weekend!

Here’s to Love and Life!



About brambleshirefarm

We have a small piece of heaven that we are working on bringing back from over use and miss use. We have big plans for our farm/homestead and family. Please drop by on the blog and say hi!
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