Blissful Life on the Farm… or… The High Price of Farming

Well, I thought I’d drop in and leave a post since Keith has made the lion’s share of them so far.
So, let me first say that we are enjoying many aspects of living on the farm. As we look around and make a mental note of everything that needs to be done, it can seem overwhelming at times. Thankfully, we have each other to lean on.  We do have a few pressing items on our “to do” list that must be done before winter. A couple of them are safety items with the house. (something about a pipe on the water heater and some vents for the attic or something like that. Can you tell I’m NOT the skilled one who will be doing those repairs?) My jobs tend to be a bit more “in your face.” I need to finish unpacking the kitchen so I can find the things I need for making meals. I’m working on getting our “critter” issues under control. Did you know that, apparently, flies hate Pine Sol? I’ll be scrubbing and spraying down the covered porch out front with Pine Sol and trying to get the flies to relocate to another home. 🙂 I’ll also be painting our front door. I can’t stand the dingy, dirty white color it is now. I know we are looking for a new front door… so my “fix” will be short lived.

My next job will be trying to help figure out how to set up a wind break behind our house. The last two storm fronts that blew in nearly carted us off to Oz. Seriously, we are getting pummeled by wind and sand. They push their way through the doggie door and the window screens (remember… we’ve got no AC here). I end up with an inch of dust/sand inside the house after every storm. YUCK! So… we’ve decided that trees behind the house will be the best way to block the wind and get it to push AROUND our house instead of through it. So, today, I called a few places to price trees. WOW!!!!!! HAVE YOU ANY IDEA HOW MUCH TREES COST????  We really wanted to plant trees in honor of family and friends and put little plaques in front of them (You know… a fig tree for Grandpa… an apricot tree for Wendy, etc.).  If we can get our fruit trees in this Fall, we might be able to harvest some fruit this coming Spring. At this rate, we might have enough money to buy one tree before New Years Day. *shaking head. I’m seriously considering asking if people want to invest in the future and “plant a tree at the Bramblshire.” Any takers???  No?? LOL!  Well, God is giving us many ways to rely on Him and take things one step at a time and complete things in HIS time. I am forever reminded how blessed we are to have been given this amazing opportunity.

I’m including a few pics showing you some more of the farm and what we’re up to. 🙂

These are a couple of the horses that frequent our farm. They live down the road, but have a HUGE property to roam on. The buff colored one on the right, named Cory, is extremely friendly. He will stand there for a half hour waiting for you if he knows you’re around. All he wants is a scratch behind the ears… and maybe a carrot. 🙂

Keith worked tirelessly to put in a special fence so the puppies have a safe place to roam. The only challenge is that there are predators (coyotes, owls, falcon, hawks, foxes) all around us. So I’m a little nervous about them being outside by themselves. I often find myself standing on the back porch in my night shirt at 6am shivering in the cold and waiting for them to “do their business.”

There is still lots of painting to do. I’m thinking I need to throw a painting party. (The problem with that idea is that it would be “Harrison, party of two” since none of our family lives anywhere NEAR Colorado.) Oh well… we will finish the painting like we finish everything else around here… one step at a time. 🙂

And finally, the whole reason we are on this journey. Here is Jordan picking squash for us. We pray that God will bless the Brambleshire and give us the ability to share our harvest with those who need it. “We are blessed to bless again.”

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