Waging War on the ‘hoppers

As we wait, not-so-patiently, to get the keys to our new farm tomorrow thanks to this “we buy houses company”, we are restless. Well, restless might not cover it. We are on edge, looking around at all that still has to be packed, and making the last-minute lists of supplies we will pick up tomorrow, and working out the timing of everything.
As a way of passing the time, Keith has been planning his full-on assault on the Biblical plague of grasshoppers at the farm. Today, he whipped up some neat bird feeders. I’m working on a birdseed cake that will be put through each hole in the wood (two for each feeder). We figure that if we attract lots of birds to the property, the grasshopper population might decrease. Hopefully, between bird feeders, bird baths, chickens, and a natural substance that should eliminate the reproduction of these little “buggers”, we might have a fighting chance at producing a full and bountiful harvest in our garden. 🙂

Oh… another exciting happening…

We’ve been able to purchase the “leftover” brambles from the local garden center. They were looking pretty rough this late in the season, but we got a discount and we want to plant plenty of blackberries, raspberries, and boysenberries so we might luck out and get a few berries this next season. We’ll start out with 15 plants. We’ll, basically, build a bramble hedge. It will be our “main” focus on our farm. (Thus the name). We chose blackberries, etc., because I can easily incorporate them in my candies, baked goods, jams, and ice cream to sell at farmer’s markets next year.  I’m excited about having lots of berries! Here are a few of our beautiful berries from the brambles we are leaving behind.  They are HUGE and SWEET!! We’ll miss them!

What would YOU make with fresh blackberries, raspberries, and boysenberries?

Until tomorrow…..

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