Pics and Layout …

We have had multiple requests for pics of the property and our “plan”.

First, the pics. When I hear the words farm or homestead, especially in Colorado, I picture rolling hills, lush landscape, a creek running swiftly, bunnies holding hands and skipping in the flower laden meadow. Yeah, no. This property is pretty used and abused. Very dry, sandy soil, etc. … A couple of cool things to note however, the property is a 3 acre blank slate, so very easy to shape into our vision. Additionally, we have the challenge and privilege of terraforming the property into a green, lush paradise. We will add more pics of the farm this week.

Alright, so the “plan”. Keep in mind a few things here, the first of which is scale. This drawing isn’t and while most won’t give it a second thought, it drives me bonkers! Everything in black is existing today. Everything in color needs to be added, which will happen over the next 24 months (roughly). This plan isn’t set in stone, so I am sure it will change. I would be shocked if it didn’t. But it is a good starting place for us.

More to come in the days ahead!!


About brambleshirefarm

We have a small piece of heaven that we are working on bringing back from over use and miss use. We have big plans for our farm/homestead and family. Please drop by on the blog and say hi!
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2 Responses to Pics and Layout …

  1. Paige says:

    I have been researching homestead layout plans. Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

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