Progress …

The Inspection … dun, dun, duuunnnn …

We headed out to the farm last weekend to meet the inspector and to have a second date with the property (more to come on that below).

The inspection took about 2 hours. Really great inspector, did a fine job and let me tag along to boot! AND I didn’t even embarrass myself either! I tossed out terms like “passive solar heating”, talked about adequate ventilation for the attic, and upon visiting the crawl space, I commented that a person could convert the crawl space into an End of the World shelter to survive the coming cataclysm in December (curse you Mayan Calendar!!). The last comment was not well received and the inspector kept a reasonable distance from me for the remainder of the afternoon, always ensuring I wasn’t blocking any potential escape routes.

The inspection went rather well … a few drainage issues around the foundation, but the foundation itself is fine and the drainage, or lack thereof, is nothing I can’t fix. The hallway bathroom tub has a leak around the drain and that is definitely something the current owner needs to fix. The house is even ready for AC (the concrete pad and electric is in place). So with minimal cost, we can avoid being “melty” next summer. Yes, yes … typically starting a farm/homestead and getting back to basics doesn’t entail Air Conditioning … but you haven’t seen my hair when I get overheated, it has a mind of its own and I can’t do a thing with it! (Can I get an Amen?)

So we are currently waiting for the full inspection report and all the great things that come with that. (Disclaimer: I don’t really know if “good things” come with an inspection report, but I am hopeful.)

Second Date …

You guys remember the second date right? The first date dream-state wears off, you start to notice some of the faults and quirks, appearance and hygiene issues that weren’t present the first time, etc. You get the picture.

When I first got out of the truck on Saturday I took notice of the thick layer of dust and dirt on the truck from the roads, the scrubby and apocalyptic looking weeds and sage brush dotting the property, the dry hot winds, and of course, who can forget the plague of biblical proportion grasshoppers that mock me with their insensitive jumps and silent ridicules. I guess my prevailing thought was “What in the hell are we thinking?”

It was at that point that I remembered that I came from a long line of craftsman (shipwrights, wheelwrights, carpenters and farmers) and that I can do this! So I did what every strong, mature, self-respecting man would do … I promptly dried my tears, wiped my nose on my sleeve, and commented to Deena how much yard work she had ahead of her. Honestly, it was quite liberating!

One thing is for sure, this is going to be one hell of an adventure! So tune-in, subscribe, comment, post, cross-post, cross-cross-post, tweet, chirp, groan, and whatever else you kids do these days … you wont want to miss this!!

Underwriting …

So where do we stand now in the loan process? The loan is in the queue for Underwriting now. Basically the approval process. Given the current financial climate (Thanks Greece! And no, your delicious yogurt does NOT make up for this!) and my bumpy credit history resulting from being sick a few years ago, I give us a 50/50 chance … if that. I am nervous. Time for a Diet Coke … I hate hitting the sauce so early, but a man has to do, what a man has to do!


About brambleshirefarm

We have a small piece of heaven that we are working on bringing back from over use and miss use. We have big plans for our farm/homestead and family. Please drop by on the blog and say hi!
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5 Responses to Progress …

  1. This is awesome guys! Hope everything works out. You can ship us some poultry!

  2. Knights 7 says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Knights 7 says:

    Three words my brother … "Chicken Flavored Marshmallows!" … yeah, I know … CRAZY AWESOME!

  4. grayhawk256 says:

    Keep a Stiff-Upper-Lip (i.e. keep your mouth closed so the grasshoppers don't fill you up before dinner) get a small tractor, gloves, hat (dirty prefered), Bib Overalls, insect repellant and some SPF 70 sunscreen… now you'r ready to go to work… from dawn to dusk… 7/24… Go-For-It!!! If you need some help, call me, I'm sure I could reccomend SOMEONE? as for me, "been there and done that" and you'll sleep good at night!

  5. Knights 7 says:

    Oooo … Tractor! I NEED one! Sweet. 🙂 I have been working out my upper lip (lip crunches, lip pulls, lip presses, etc.) to get it to the "stiff" stage … its still a bit saggy for my taste.

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